Professor Marcus Foth FACS

Research Students

I am always looking for smart people who would like to conduct higher degree research (PhD or MPhil) in urban informatics, smart cities, human-computer interaction design, ubiquitous computing, pervasive technology, tangible media, social networks, location-based services, context awareness, mobile applications, urban design, and related topics. You are welcome to propose your own topic and discuss it with me, or consider aligning yourself with one of our group's current projects, or choose one of the topics that we are currently interested in.

Current Research Students (9)
Irina AnastasiuPhD Candidate

Humanising the Smart City: Technology as Enabler of Participatory Bottom-Up Citizen Innovation in Urban Development, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Ronald Schroeter, and Dr Markus Rittenbruch

Ana BilandzicPhD Candidate

The New Precursors of Innovation: Lifestyle, Travel, Coworking, and Fun, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Prof. Greg Hearn

Benjamin CardenMaster of Design (Research) Candidate

Do Touch – The Impact of Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction on Situated Community Engagement, supervised by Dr Jared Donovan, Dr Markus Rittenbruch, and Prof. Marcus Foth

David CorbettPhD Candidate

Challenging Gentrification: Novel Means for Community to Propose Alternative Land Uses, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Dr Markus Rittenbruch

Carlos EstradaPhD Candidate

Imagining the Unseen City: A Participatory Ethnographic Study to Reveal Marginal Constructions of Nocturnal Urban Space, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Dr Peta Mitchell

Heather HillPhD Candidate

Connecting to Self, Others and Environment: Coaching Well-being and Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Households, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Evonne Miller, and Dr Paul Bain

Heather McKinnonPhD Candidate

Social Interactions and Engagement within the Home: A study into the Use of Novel Design Methods to Encourage Social Engagement around Domestic Energy Use, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Assoc. Prof. Gavin Sade

Jock McQueenieDoctor of Creative Industries (DCI) Candidate

Intermediation as Practice: Joining the Dots between Community, Culture and Commerce, supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Prof. Greg Hearn

Jodi NewcombePhD Candidate

Re-designing Interfaces between Nature, the Public and Policy: The Role of the Creative Producer, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Gavin Sade and Prof. Marcus Foth

Completed Research Students (15)
Dr Fabius Steinberger2018PhD Candidate

Risky Gadgets to the Rescue: Reframing In-Car Technology Use as Task Engagement (eprints >), supervised by Dr Ronald Schroeter and Prof. Marcus Foth

Dr Daniel Filonik2017PhD

Participatory Data Analytics: Designing Visualisation and Composition Interfaces for Collaborative Sensemaking on Large Interactive Screens (eprints >),  supervised by Dr Markus Rittenbruch and Prof. Marcus Foth

Dr Leonardo Parra Agudelo2017PhD

Street Interventions for Change: Designing with Grassroots Organisations (eprints >), supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Gavin Sade, and Dr Jaz Choi

Dr Glenda Caldwell2016PhD

Media Architecture: Facilitating the Co-Creation of Place (eprints >), supervised by Dr Mirko Guaralda, Dr Jennifer Seevinck, and Prof. Marcus Foth

Dr Jimmy Ting Hui Ti2016PhD

Influencing Public Transport Passenger Experiences via Mobile Social Services (eprints >), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dian Tjondronegoro and Prof. Marcus Foth

Dr Tiago Dias Camacho2015PhD

Technology-Mediated Tools for Shaping Experiences in Urban Commuter Trains (eprints >), supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Andry Rakotonirainy, and Dr Markus Rittenbruch

Dr Peter Lyle2015PhD

Growing Food in the City: A Study Across Interaction Design and Urban Agriculture (eprints >), supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Dr Jaz Choi

Dr Geremy Farr-Wharton2015PhD

Mobile Interaction Design Approaches for Reducing Domestic Food Waste (eprints >), supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Dr Jaz Choi

Dr Kirralie Houghton2014PhD

Understanding the Implications of Digital Interactions on the Design of Public Urban Spaces (eprints >), supervised by Prof. Marcus Foth and Assoc. Prof. Evonne Miller

Dr Richard Medland2014PhD

Connecting People to their Resource Consumption through Real-Time Data Visualisations (eprints >), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth and Prof. Paul Roe

Dr Mark Bilandzic2013PhD

The Embodied Hybrid Space: Designing Social and Digital Interventions to Facilitate Connected Learning in Coworking Spaces (eprints >), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Daniel Johnson, and Dr Ronald Schroeter

Dr Jan Seeburger2013PhD

Influencing the Experience of People in Urban Public Places through Mobile Mediated Interactions (eprints >), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth and Assoc. Prof. Dian Tjondronegoro

Dr Ronald Schroeter2012PhD

Discussions in Space: Interactive Urban Screens for Enhancing Citizen Engagement (eprints >), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Paul Roe, and Dr Christine Satchell

Dr Jaz Hee Jeong Choi2010PhD

Playpolis: Transyouth and Urban Networking in Seoul (eprints >), supervised by Distinguished Prof. Stuart Cunningham, Assoc. Prof. Michael Keane, and Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth

Nicole Garcia2009MA (Research)

The Present via the Past: An Archaelogical Approach to Analysing the Design and Use of a Contemporary Urban Village (eprints >), supervised by Prof. Greg Hearn and Dr Marcus Foth