Professor Marcus Foth FACS

Grants & Fellowships

Grants & Fellowships

Professor Marcus Foth has received over $8 million in competitive grants and industry funding. This page lists (1) competitive grants and fellowships; (2) Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) grants, and; (3) commercial research and consultancies.

Competitive Grants and Fellowships
ARC Linkage LP190100677
2020 – 2023
Advancing Digital Inclusion in Low Income Australian Families

Assoc. Prof. Michael Dezuanni, Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell, Dr Anthony McCosker (Swinburne University of Technology), Dr Tanya Notley (University of Western Sydney), Dr Jenny Kennedy (RMIT), with partner organisations The Smith Family, Yourtown

Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR)
2019 – 2020
Australia-Brazil Smart City Research and Practice Forum

Assoc. Prof. Tan Yigitcanlar, Prof. Ashantha Goonetilleke, Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Alexander Paz, Dr Kenan Degirmenci, Prof. Kevin Desouza

ARC Discovery DP180100174
2018 – 2021
Digital Media, Location Awareness, and the Politics of Geodata

Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell, Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Markus Rittenbruch, Dr Timothy Highfield (University of Amsterdam), Prof. Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine), Dr Agnieszka Leszczynski (University of Western Ontario)

ARC Linkage LP130100469
2014 – 2016
Fostering Digital Participation through Living Labs in Regional and Rural Australian Communities

Dr Michael Dezuanni, Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Kerry Mallan, Dr Hilary Hughes, with partner organisations State Library of Queensland, Empire Theatres, Toowoomba Regional Council, Townsville City Council

ARC Linkage LP100100232
2010 – 2014
Eat, Cook, Grow: Ubiquitous Technology for Sustainable Food Culture in the City

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Greg Hearn, Dr Jaz Choi (APDI), Prof. Eli Blevis (Indiana), Prof. Younghui Kim (Seoul), Prof. Shaun Lawson (Lincoln), Dr Robert Imre (Newcastle), with partner organisations Queensland Health, Lincoln University (UK), Food Connect, CityFood Growers, James Street Cooking School

National Science Foundation (NSF), USA
2010 – 2013
VOSS: Design Collaborations as Socio-Technical Systems

Prof. Geraldine Gay (Cornell University), Dr Laura Forlano (Cornell University), Prof. Cameron Tonkinwise (Parsons The New School for Design), Prof. Ramón Sangüesa (University of Catalonia), Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth

Queensland Government Smart Futures Fellowship
2009 – 2011
Ubiquitous Computing to Bring Real-time Environmental Data into the Homes and Hands of Queensland Residents

Dr Marcus Foth, with partner organisation National ICT Australia (NICTA)

ARC Linkage LP0882274
2008 – 2011
Remembering the Past, Imagining the Future: Embedding Narrative and New Media in Urban Planning

Prof. Greg Hearn, Dr Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Bhishna Bajracharya (Bond University), Prof. Kerry Mallan, Dr Helen Klaebe, with partner organisations FKP, Noosa Shire Council, Noosa District State High School

ARC Linkage LP0776341
2008 – 2010
Swarms in Urban Villages: New Media Design to Augment Social Networks of Residents in Inner-City Developments

Dr Marcus Foth, Prof. Greg Hearn, Prof. Paul Roe, Dr Christine Satchell (APDI), with partner organisations Queensland Department of Housing, Brisbane City Council, 4UTV and Optus Business

ARC Linkage International Award LX0776580
2007 – 2008
Opportunities of Media and Communication Technology to Support Social Networks of Urban Residents in Mexico, South Africa, UK and Australia

Dr Marcus Foth, Prof. William H. Dutton (University of Oxford), Prof. Wallace Taylor (Cape Peninsula University of Technology), Dr Victor M. Gonzalez (University of Manchester)

ARC Discovery DP0663854
2006 – 2008
New Media in the Urban Village: Mapping Communicative Ecologies & Socio-Economic Innovation in Emerging Inner-City Residential Developments

Prof. Greg Hearn, Prof. Steffen Lehmann, Dr Barbara Adkins, Dr Marcus Foth (Australian Postdoctoral Fellow APD)

Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Grants
Future Food Systems CRC
2020 – 2021
New Approaches to Blockchain, Governance and Digital Communities for Smart Trade Hubs

Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Felicity Deane, Assoc. Prof. Xavier Boyen

2020 – 2023
Participatory Visualisation of Smart City Data

Assoc. Prof. Markus Rittenbruch, Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell, with partner organisation BeefLedger Ltd

CRC for Developing Northern Australia
2019 – 2020
Northern Australia: Communication Analysis

Assoc. Prof. Michael Dezuanni, Dr Amber Marshall, Prof. Jean Burgess, Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell, Prof. Hurriyet Babacan (JCU), Dr Ruth Wallace (ECU), with partner organisation Premise

Food Agility CRC
2018 – 2020
BeefLedger Export Smart Contracts

Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Uwe Dulleck, Dr Felicity Deane, with partner organisation BeefLedger Ltd

CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) / FrontierSI
2016 – 2019
Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer (RAISE) Toolkit

Assoc. Prof. Markus Rittenbruch, Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell, with partner organisation UNSW

Smart Services CRC
2014 – 2015
Flexible Work Centres

Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Greg Hearn, Dr Kirralie Houghton, with partner organisation Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA)

Young and Well CRC
2012 – 2013
Preventative Online Programs / Tools for Problematic Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Young People

Dr Leanne Hides, Prof. David Kavanagh, Assoc. Prof. Dian Tjondronegoro, Assoc. Prof. Daniel Johnson, Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth

Commercial Research and Consultancies
Data Farming Pty Ltd
2020 – 2021
Digital Inclusion and Human Factors of AgTech Adoption on Queensland farms

Assoc. Prof. Carol Richards, Dr Amber Marshall, Assoc. Prof. Michael Dezuanni, Prof. Marcus Foth

City of Gold Coast
Emerging trends of work on the Gold Coast

Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Greg Hearn

Kelvin Grove Urban Village
KGUV Chatty Bench Urban Game

Kavita Gonsalves, Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Glenda Caldwell

Consumer Policy Research Centre
2018 – 2019
Putting End-Users in Charge of Algorithms: Privacy and Autonomy by Design

Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Monique Mann, Prof. Nicolas Suzor, Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell, Dr Kylie Pappalardo

Australia Post
2018 – 2019
Mentoring Digital Mentors: Facilitating Impactful Digital Ability Programs for Australians at Risk of Digital Exclusion

Assoc. Prof. Michael Dezuanni, Prof. Jean Burgess, Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Peta Mitchell

Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary, Inc.
2017 – 2020
Design of a Hospital Burrow to Treat Sarcoptic Mange in Wombats

Prof Marcus Foth, Prof. Thea Blackler, Ms Donna L. Stepan OAM (Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary)

Gold Coast City Council
2017 – 2018
Digital City Program

Prof. Marcus Foth

Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability – Office of Women
2015 – 2019

Dr Glenda Caldwell, Dr Mirko Guaralda, Dr Jared Donovan, Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Markus Rittenbruch, Dr Severine Mayere

Arch Underwriting at Lloyd's (Australia)
2014 – 2016
Hazards, Vulnerability and Exposure: Opportunities in Social Media and Urban Informatics for Risk Assessment and Reduction

Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Markus Rittenbruch, Prof. Robin Drogemuller

Henry Halloran Trust, The University of Sydney
2014 – 2015
Enabling Audience Participation through Urban Media as a Diagnostic Method in Urban Planning

Assoc. Prof. Martin Tomitsch (University of Sydney), Dr Ian McArthur (UNSW), Assoc. Prof. Matthias Haeusler (UNSW), Brad Miller (UNSW), Prof. Marcus Foth, Assoc. Prof. Andrew Murphie (UNSW), Dr Luke Hespanhol (University of Sydney)

Australian Government Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP)
2013 – 2016
Reduce Your Juice

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett, with partner organisation CitySmart

Fed Square Pty Ltd
2012 – 2015
Discussions in Space

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Ronald Schroeter, Dr Christine Satchell

Australian Red Cross Blood Service Research and Development Grant
2012 – 2013
Increasing Loyalty Rates of Young Male Blood Donors through Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Urban Informatics

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Australian Business Foundation
2011 – 2012
Australian Business Foundation Fellowship on Innovation and Cultural Industries

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, with partner organisation the Aurora Foundation

Victorian Government Sustainability Fund
2011 – 2012
Facilitate Residential Aged Care Services to Renewable Low Emission Energy

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, with partner organisation Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.

Sapporo City Council, Japan
2010 – 2011
Sapporo World Window

Dr Jaz Choi, Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Prof. Greg Hearn

Queensland Writers Centre
2010 – 2011

Prof. Greg Hearn, Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth

2 Save Energy Ltd
2009 – 2010
The Persuasive Qualities of a Coral Reef Simulation in Reducing Domestic Energy Consumption

Assoc. Prof. Marcus Foth, Dr Christine Satchell